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• All visitors, contractors and drivers MUST report to the gatehouse upon arrival
• The site speed limit is 5mph in all areas
• Pedestrian access to the warehouse office is via the signed entrance ONLY
• Any incidents/damages/near-misses should be reported as soon as possible to the warehouse office
• Safety boots and hi-vis vests MUST be worn at all times
• The site is a non-smoking area. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas
• All visitors should make themselves aware of the Fire Assembly Point
• All vehicles and trailers (accompanied or otherwise) to be parked with the parking brake applied at all times
• All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk and Immingham Transport will not be liable for any damages which occur on site
• Vehicles are to display hazard warning lights whilst manoeuvring in the yard
• Curtains should be closed or restrained whilst manoeuvring around the yard
• No unauthorised passengers or children are allowed on site at any time
• Always follow all instructions given by yard team members
• Always follow the one-way system
• Drivers MUST follow safe coupling and uncoupling of vehicles procedure
• When parking up drivers MUST apply the safe stop procedure:
   - Handbrake on
   - Vehicle in neutral
   - Switch off engine
   - Remove keys

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• When arriving at the Immingham Transport site all contractors must report to the warehouse office before commencing any work on site
• All contractors should be aware of the constant forklift, machinery and vehicle movements within the yard area and park/repair in a visible area, not causing any obstruction
• All contracted/repair vehicles whilst stationary, should indicate their presence via hazard lighting/beacons on their vehicles
• Contractors must only carry out tasks that they have the skills, knowledge, training and experience to complete without risk to health and safety
• Any liquid spillages should be reported, cleaned away and waste products removed from site
• When fitting/repairing any vehicles/trailers on site VOR boards should be clearly displayed
ONLY minor repairs to be completed on site
• Due to the hazardous/flammable substances held on site you MUST contact the warehouse prior to carrying out any burning or welding

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